Everything is going to be OK



Everything Is Going To Be OK is a collection of life experiences. It is an interactive zine exploring alternative views of power from a survivor’s standpoint, and is a commentary on struggle. The focus is largely on bringing humor into “dark times”. It offers different perspectives on what it means to live with things like PTSD.
The underlying theme is that you are normal for your imperfections, and the way you cope. You are the hero in the story of your life, and you have every right to be proud.
My goal is to strip the shame out of talking about things like this.

This interactive zine offers each life experience in the form of a “page”, where you interact with each moment.
A lot of it is presented via humor, or creates ridiculous circumstances, because I feel like life is ridiculous. It’s one damn thing after the other, and after a while there’s nothing left to do but laugh at it. Humor is what helps take the edge off, and perhaps even create a platform for transcendence.


Game developer: Nathalie Lawhead