About HanaHana:
Imagine if Minecraft & Tilt brush met in a Salvator Dali painting. You are granted with the ability to teleport and to create. With teleport, you can explore any place that you want. With create, you can grow hands, a chain of hands and everything you can think of. Take part in an harrowing and thrilling journey into the depths of your mind, body and senses and be part of a unique collaborative art piece in VR.

Developer description:
HanaHana 花華 is an artistic VR experience by the artist Mélodie Mousset. A beta version that was developed together with VR engineer Naëm Baron was finished and exhibited in early 2017. Mélodie’s first artistic VR won the Swiss Art Awards in 2015. Her second project, HanaHana, received an award for “Best interactivity” at WVRF, and for “best artistic accomplishment” at the VR Days in 2017.