Hell Eluja

Hell Eluja is a two-player asymmetrical horror game, using two different devices. The first player plays an adventurer in a dungeon crawler with an HMD, while the second, called Dungeon Master, plays on a tablet. The adventurer sees the game scene with a first-person view. He is trapped in a dark dungeon and must find and collect keys. Once he gets them all, he wins. The Dungeon Master is his opponent: he must prevent the Rogue from reaching his objective. To do so, he must catch him, by summoning monsters. He plays on a tablet and sees the map from above, where he can summon monsters.

About Oniroforge

Oniroforge is a video game studio in Fribourg, a team of romantic artists -Oniro- and assiduous developers -Forge-. We believe we can make compelling games with innovative gameplay, based on solid gaming fundamentals.