About Hue

Hue is a stark puzzle platformer where you shift the hue of the world, creating rifts when colours collide.

In this world, everyone sees in grayscale. Anne, a researcher specialising in colour theory, has created a mysterious ring which grants the ability to perceive and alter colour. After a fracas with her research assistant, she disappears into a coloured void. You play as Hue, Anne’s son, as he discovers fragments of his missing mother’s research and learns to perceive and alter colour for the first time.

The game was developed by: Fiddlesticks Games

About Fiddlesticks Games

Fiddlesticks Games is a small studio formed of Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha. During University we worked separately on the games Q.U.B.E. and Mush, then after graduating decided to team up and form this new micro-studio. Henry handles the core game design, code and art, whilst Dan looks after the production, biz dev and PR side of things. This yin and yang methodology works well, playing to our strengths, and allowing us to stay focussed on what we’re good at, but most of all what we enjoy!