About Interrogation

Interrogation is a narrative game that emulates the atmosphere of dark investigation procedurals to put the player in the detective’s seat and challenge their preconceptions with noire intensity.

The game is intended to emulate the tropes related to interrogation scenes in pop-culture while also offering some deconstruction. It plays as a questions-based puzzle against a clock. The current prototype puts you in the role of the interrogator that is tasked with finding out the location of a bomb within five minutes from the three subjects you have in separate interrogation rooms. Which one placed it? How can you get them to talk? Can you do it without too many unethical practices? It will take a few playthroughs to know.

The game was developed by Critique Gaming

Universities: SNSPA Bucharest, The Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the Academy for Economic Studies Bucharest

About Critique Gaming

The Critique Gaming team is an eclectic Bucharest-based squad consisting of five people with very different social and educational backgrounds, from law and economy to art and programming, with very diverse skillsets. We’ve gathered with the mission of making pointful games that explore important contemporary questions. After testing a few directions, we’re looking to moving on from amateur into professional independent game development with our Interrogation prototype.