Do Not Feed the Monkeys



Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a unique digital voyeur simulator. Invade the privacy of dozens of strangers and witness their most intimate moments, while you struggle to keep up to date with paying the rent and putting some food on the table.

Will you help or will you harm the watched “specimens”? Or will you stay aside and not “feed the monkeys”?

-watch lots of webcams and surveillance cameras (“cages”)
-pry into the lives of dozens of “monkeys”
-interact (or not!) with fun, cruel, terror, sci-fi, dramatic… surprising stories.
-make your moral choice: will you help the “monkeys”? Will you extort them? Will you expose their most intimate secrets?
-browse through social networks, on-line stores, chats, mail tools…
-manage your resources: will you spend all your savings on buying more “cages” or will you keep enough money to pay your rent? Are you healthy enough to go to work?
-experience multiple endings depending on your decisions


Game developer: Fictiorama Studios
Fictiorama Studios is an indie game studio located in Madrid, and founded by 3 brothers (Mario, Alberto, and Luis Oliván) united by their devotion to narrative-driven games. Fictiorama’s first game, Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, released in 2015, received worldwide critical appraise.