Since the dawn of time, fantastic stories have been recounted, narrating adventures involving extraordinary creatures. All mythologies refer to these creatures, invisible to the human eye but with similar descriptions, in spite of time and space differences. Technology has finally allowed us to obtain part of an answer to this enigma: there is a similar and parallel world to ours, located on another plan, and directly connected to the one we know, the Astral World. After years of experimenting, experts have devised a technology capable of crossing the frontier between our two Worlds. The result of this research is a single device that can be slipped in a pocket: the Opticale. Based on augmented reality and geolocation, Opticale is a mobile game allowing the player to explore the Astral World, a parallel universe to ours, with the goal of discovering the creatures living there with the help of a smartphone.

About Furinkazan

Based in the city center of Lausanne, crossroads of European innovation, Furinkazan is a Swiss startup working on the development of Opticale for more than 4 years. Linking augmented reality and geolocation in an original way, Furinkazan aims to offer the players a new way of interacting with their environment and their smartphone. It is as explorers at heart, gamers and enthusiasts of new technologies that the Furinkazan team has developed the Opticale project.