Orwell explores contemporary themes of security, privacy and our interpretation of online information in a way that only a game can. Required to investigate a suspected terror attack, you will search through web pages, blogs, chat messages and private files that Orwell retrieves, in order to help The Nation create personal profiles of suspects and uncover the perpetrators. As you dig deeper and deeper into the personal information, a story unfolds and reveals the true personalities of the people you are surveilling. Orwell itself is a modern, user-friendly software that allows you to pass on data to the government system, simply by dragging and dropping pieces of data that you must previously verify to be correct and relevant to the case. Since submitted data cannot be changed or deleted and lives might hang in the balance, it is expected of you to be diligent and take your job very seriously. But what is the real price of maintaining the security The Nation is yearning for?


Game developer: Osmotic Studios

Osmotic Studios is a trio of German indie game developers based in Hamburg committed to making games with narrative and personal resonance that challenge players to reflect on the world around them. We are Michael Kluge (programming), Melanie Taylor (art and business) and Daniel Marx (game design and production) and released our first commercial game “Orwell” in October 2016.