Shave is a mobile game about shaving objects.

When we talk about video games, we tend to stereotype them as just something fun and entertaining. We think of trivial stories and generic content. The characters, the world, the challenges do not represent anything of our daily life. That‘s why a lot of people are not even interested in video games. SHAVE explores the conventions around the topics «shaving» and «hair» and translates them in a playable system.

// Gameplay Description
SHAVE is set in a clean white space – like a futuristic laboratory. To contrast this, the hairy objects are placed in the centre of this white space. The gameplay is centred around the main mechanic of shaving hair. The basic goal is to shave every object completely. After the player got used to that, there are introduced new surprising mechanics and goals for the player to explore. For example growing hair back on an object (like on ice cream), avoid certain areas or find unexpected things beneath the hair.

Game Developer: Sonja Böckler, Research Team at Zürich University of the Arts, Subject Area Game Design

Platform: Tablet (iOS)