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And the nominees are...

We are glad to present you the nominated projects of the «International Competition» and «Student Competition». We would like to thank all of you for your project submissions - there were many great games to be seen, and we are very happy with the outcome. We received 126 games for the «International Competition» and 53 games for the «Student Competition». The jury picked out 8 of each competition. All selected games will be exhibited and playable at the festival for free. We will put the nominees on the website in the next few days, as well as some statistics.

«Student Competition»

  1. BOSS (US)
  2. DUR (CH)
  3. Outcasted (DE)
  4. Rising Suns - Shanghai 1937 (US)
  5. Schlicht (CH)
  6. Soft Body (US)
  7. Tower Offense (CH)
  8. Yours Truly (DE)

Jury Members

  • Matthieux Burleraux
  • Daniel Lutz
    • Creative Director at Square Enix Montreal
    • @Lutzmade

«International Competition»

  1. A Tale of Two Worlds (FR)
  2. Back to Bed (DK)
  3. Bounden (NL)
  4. Dumpy: Going Elephants (US)
  5. Expand (AU)
  6. First Strike (CH)
  7. Krautscape (CH)
  8. The Curious Expedition (DE)

Jury Members

  • Michael Böni
    • Principal – 3D Realtime Technologies bei Goodgame Studios // Producer at IMX (3D Grafik und VFX Studio) by shift THINK LTd.
    • @TeamIMX
  • Dennis Lenart
    • Supervising Director and Associate Creative Director at Telltale Games
    • @dennis_lenart
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