A Village In The Mountains

A Village on the Mountains is an investigation game inspired by the novels of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. The player plays a freshly ordained priest who arrives in a small village in the Swiss Alps. The community that lives there is still shocked by the disappearance of a young boy that occurred a few days ago. The player will have to carry out the investigation and take care not to offend certain inhabitants who probably preferred to leave their secrets buried deep in the mountain.

A Village in the Mountains tries to simulate the social interactions of a Swiss village from the beginning of the last century, with all that that implies in terms of family secrets, jealousy and rivalry. Each inhabitant has a confidence gauge that will influence the information they are ready to share with the player. It will take diplomacy to know the end of the story. In terms of aesthetics, the whole game is drawn by hand which gives it an aspect close to that of a comic strip.

Developer: Mathias Hängärtner / @padrivals
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Walking Simulator
Single Player only
Release: 01/01/2021
Platforms:Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X)

Meet The Maker:

“I’m a swiss designer, recently graduated from the master in media design from the HEAD–Genève. I would like to submit my master project, an investigation game that take places in the Alps in 1923.”