Airport Radar

Weather is bad, aircraft wait around in circles in the sky. Land them before it’s too late. Airport Radar (a puzzle-strategy game) gives you the ability to control three entities: the airport, the planes and the weather. While controlling the airport and the planes is well-known, controlling the weather brings a surprising twist. Having control over the frequency of thunderstorms and meteorology in general is a necessary contemporary concern. Typhoons in Japan or snow in Halifax force you to think of local strategies in line with the climate and the capacity of each airport. With beautiful user interface and sound design, Airport Radar is an immersive experience of fear, patience and thinking. The weather forecasts are announced at the beginning of the game and can change everything – through a radio voice that you will have to decode and that will test your knowledge and prejudices about meteorology.

Studio: Looping / @Looping_co
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Strategy/Real Time Strategy
Single Player only
Release: 03/01/2021
Platforms: Mobile Phone (iOS)

Meet the Makers:

“Looping is a new video game development company (Fribourg, Switzerland). The current priority is to complete the development of an iOS game called Airport Radar. Looping will also release several sound assets on the Unity Asset Store in 2020.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Swiss Games Selection