Arrog is an enigmatic puzzle adventure game featuring hand-drawn art and set in a bizarre black-and-white world with color accents. It’s a tale about the journey of a man accepting his death through his dreams in an intense 30-minute narrative experience with a hand-crafted soundtrack for each section of the game.

Arrog is an intense narrative experience in 30 minutes that uses metaphors to talk about the acceptance of death. We do not use much text and want the player to understand the meaning of the game through gameplay mechanics, animations and audio. It’s a black-and-white game where we use this duality to show 2 different aspects of reality and we use a special type of animation to add this up. Finally, we’ve composed different tracks for each section to have a soundtrack that enhances the whole experience.

Studio: LEAP Game Studios and Hermanos Magia / @LeapGameStudios@HermanosMagia
Country of origin: Perú
Genre: Puzzle
Single Player only
Release: 07/22/2020
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X), Mobile Phone (iOS), Mobile Phone (Android), Tablet (iOS), Tablet (Android), Console (WiiU or Switch)

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Meet the Makers:

“Leap Game Studios and Hermanos Magia are based in Lima, Peru. This is their first collaboration to make games that can have an impact.”