Blind Spot

The goal of “Blind Spot” is to find hidden/invisible “targets” through a hot-or-cold vibration feedback system; the player places a finger on the screen and is “guided” to the target(s) by vibration that increases in frequency as the finger gets closer. Harder levels feature more targets, some of which move. The only way to progress is to be touching all targets simultaneously. ‘Blind Spot’ is for all ages, and strives for inclusiveness in design. The blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired, deaf, and otherwise differently-abled can all play, so long as they have decent fine motor control and the ability to feel the vibrations of a mobile device. The game can be played in any scenario – on the train, in the car, in a hospital, in the bathroom, anyplace where the mind could need calm, distraction, or entertainment, without bothering anyone nearby. There is no winning or losing, only progress and movement.

Developer: Sam Friedman
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Mental health, Well-being
Single player and multiplayer-modes
Release: 10/01/2019
Platforms:  Mobile Phone Android / (iOS is coming soon)

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