Bumping Heads

Bumping Heads is a game about argumentation strategies. Discussions are very important in democratic systems, because they allow us to express our standpoint and question the one of others. In the past few years, a trend towards populist argumentation started to endanger this system because manipulative argumentation techniques are being used, which are hard to recognize for untrained listeners. Bumping Heads wants to address this issue by providing a playground to players, which enables them to experience different strategies.

Bumping Heads provides a framework which enables players to learn about, recognize and defend against manipulative argumentation techniques.

Developer: Marlon Stadler / @voidCAPITALism
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Experimental, Argumentation Game with real-world component
Release: TBA
Platforms: Web game (pc, tablet, smartphone)

Meet the Maker:

“Marlon Stadler finished his Digital Ideation studies with the project Bumping Heads. Heavily shaped by his older sister, Marlon was interested in politics and discussions from an early age. Because of the populist trends which recently emerged, he decided to design a game about argumentation strategies for his bachelor’s project.”

BA project, Digital Ideation, HSLU
Year: 2020