Circus Break

Choose one of four circus animals, ride it on a unicycle through dense city traffic and reach the airport in time before being hit by the clowns or the ramming car!

Our game exhibits a fun, but difficult to control unicycle that is based on real physics and that you need to drive through dense city traffic, all while being followed by clowns.

Developers: Laura Wülfroth, Matthias Roshardt, Danil Ivanov, Bastian Morath
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Platformer / Action / Partygame
Multiplayer, up to 4 players
Platforms: Xbox

Meet the Makers:

“We are four computer science student that took up the challenge of the Game Programming Laboratory at ETH Zurich. We are all passionate about both playing and creating games and we hope that you enjoy our multiplayer game for the Xbox!”