DepowerBall is a competitive party platformer where the fate of every matchup is influenced by fast-paced gameplay and tactical decision-making. Every match, each player starts with the same set of powers to try and accomplish their task of pleasing the Dragon Queen by feeding her delicious treats! When a player wins a round, he or she will earn the Queen’s favour, but will earn the wrath of the other players as they vote to take away one of the winner’s powers! Get ready to screw with your friends as you take away the powers they hold most dear and hilariously watch how they deal with the consequences! In the world of Depowerball, you will need to adapt to the changing conditions, or get left behind as the other players take advantage of your weakened state!
Welcome to the pit.

Developer: Mega Power Games / @megapower_games
Country of origin: Canada
Genre: Party-Platformer
Multiplayer only
Release: 01/01/2021
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows)

Meet the Maker:

“Mega Power Games is a one-man independent video game producer/developer based in Toronto, Canada that teams up with local developers, artists, and composers to create fun, engaging and strategic gaming experiences.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Special Selection #gamesWeDLoveToSeeOnSight.