Devader is a combination of different genres. At first it seems to be a basic twin-stick shooter. Then there is a bit of bullet hell. More mechanics are added giving the game a touch of tower-defense. In the end it’s a test of your multi-tasking and decision making while constantly being under attack. The more skilled you get at the game, the more you notice how to keep your Devader safe and how to manage the overwhelming hordes of enemies. Just remembering to use all the available options is a big challenge. Normal mode can be beaten by just using a fraction of these correctly, as long as you don’t get yourself killed. If the game does not seem frantic enough, you can have 4 friends join for the ultimate experience of chaos and destruction.

Studio: falkenbrew / @falkenbrew
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Action
Single Player and multiplayer-modes
Release: 09/02/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (Linux), Desktop Computer (OS X)

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Meet the Maker:

“One man team from Baar/ZG”

This game is part of the Ludicious Swiss Games Selection