enen is a geometry noise puzzler with fun and new mechanics ideally suited for touch-based devices Innovative mechanics: Touch anywhere on the screen to trigger a growing curve along given background lines. Try to connect the two circles while avoiding the evil squares. Fast-paced action levels are mixed with more contemplative puzzles. Portals, mirrors and hidden objects enrich the variety of challenges. Stunning Visuals: enen offers four different worlds with distinct graphics. The first world, with its minimalistic look, teaches you the mechanics while later worlds surprise with beautiful explosions and waves. Living Audio: Procedurally generated sound based on synthesis and sample processing evolves with the game image and reacts to your input. Every play session will sound different and fascinating!


Developer: Ken Tanigami-Christen
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Puzzle
Single Player only
Release: 11/11/2019
Platforms: Mobile Phone (iOS), Tablet (iOS)

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Meet the Maker:

“Swiss developer with a passion for games and graphics. Later joined by two members to finish the game to create a polished and innovative product.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Swiss Games Selection