Evergreen Blues

Evergreen Blues is a suite of interactive songs by David Su and Dominique Star. Originally developed at the MIT Media Lab, the game is a choice-based interactive song construction experience about the relationships between audiences, authors, and the characters and worlds they create. It uses a real-time lyric-choosing mechanic, and is designed for both single and multiplayer play. This work seeks to provide a novel means of creating and understanding multi-user, interactive music systems in which users participate in active and collaborative music-making in conjunction with narrative engagement. It is the goal that this work will open up new possibilities for experiencing music, narrative, and social interaction.

Studio: David Su & Dominique Star / @usdivad
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Music/Rhythm
Single player and multiplayer-modes
Release: 02/20/2020
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X)

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Meet the Makers:

“David Su and Dominique Star are a music game development duo based in Los Angeles. Previously they developed Seasons (季节), which received an honorable mention for Best Student game at IGF 2019, and Yi and the Thousand Moons, which was nominated for Best Audio Design at the 2017 TIGA Games Industry Awards. They also did programming work for Rashaad Newsome’s Being as part of LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab. Aside from their work as a duo, David (@usdivad) is currently doing audio programming on One Hand Clapping, collaborating with Colorfiction for the NFL/Verizon game Endzone, and recently graduated from the MIT Media Lab. Dominique (@doremidom) does both music and software engineering, recently released a solo EP, and previously sang backup vocals for pop musician MIKA.”