Fairyfail is a local & online multiplayer Jump ‘n’ Run & Racing Platformer set in a bizarre version of several European fairytale environments. The playable characters are failed archetypes of fairytale protagonists (for example a drunken, lovesick princess or a overweight knight in his midlife crisis). With up to 4 players you can pick and start one of the beautifully crafted fairytale levels.

Every round of Fairyfail is gonna be very unique because the players themselves are responsible for creating and altering the Level by building various elements between the start- and finish line. In addition to that Fairyfail easily keeps up the fantastical-bizarre scenario through its art style.

Studio: TeraKnights / Gentleforge
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Jump ‘n’ Run, Racing, Platformer
4 in Local & Online Multiplayer
Release: Winter 2020
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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Meet the Makers:

Fairyfail is being developed by the studios TeraKnights and Gentleforge. So far we were very focused on creating animations and games for customers. With funding from the “Film und Medienstiftung NRW” we can now finally work on Fairyfail full-time.