Funzel – Be Enlightened

Light illuminates our way through life and the lightwaves make us shine. “Funzel” is a weak and tender light which is in danger to extinguish quickly and you have to protect it. Collect light energy and make sure the gentle flicker does not go out. You have it in your hands because “Funzel” and you are the life. The game is a combination of action and skill game with intuitive one-touch controls. Move the flickering „Funzel“ safely thru a mysterious and unknown world. You have to collect light energy to make the surroundings visible so you can navigate safely.


Studio: Coded [ ] Art / @CodedArtFriends
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Action
Single Player only
Release: 10/31/201
Platforms: Mobile Phone (iOS), Tablet (iOS)

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Meet the Makers:

“Coded [ ]Art is a network of freelancers who specialize in game and media development. Here are working the interdisciplinary members on the various projects in the fields of mobile gaming and online communication. Our partners come from different disciplines such as illustration or programming. The two initiators Christian Streinz & Tomislav Stjepanovic have both an artistic background and are also involved in exhibitions.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Special Selection #ludicExplorations.