Dear Jessika,
I have so many questions… so many questions that have haunted me ever since. I know we’ve had many disagreements in the past. And sure I must admit I haven’t been the best father… everyone has their faults and their baggage.
However, the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes. But unfortunately it’s too late to make amends – it’s too late to apologise. There is no way to make amends for the terrible wrong I have done – because you did what you did. For whatever reason. In my head it’s all about that one question: WHY? Was this your last resort? If you had just talked to me, I’m sure we would have found a way out…somehow.
I can’t blame you for keeping silent for so long and completely withdrawing. I can only blame myself. No matter what others will say, for my peace of mind I want – no, I need to find out what happened and what made you take this step.
I have hired professionals who can shed light on the subject, do the research and possibly find out more about your motives. And maybe, just maybe, they can ease my conscience. At least for now.
With love, Daddy

What is your job?
In this full-motion video mystery adventure, you’ll be part of a group that specializes in processing the digital footprints of deceased people – all on behalf of their loved ones. What at first glance appears to be a job like any other quickly turns into a dark drama full of twists and turns.
All you need for your work is your laptop and some basic background information about the “victim” – in this case: Jessika. Access her database and search through files such as video clips, audio files, notes and news articles for clues using a variety of keywords. Share your findings with your client and colleagues to dive even deeper into Jessika’s life. Use your analytical mind, combine the gained facts and reveal Jessika’s true story.

Developers: TriTrie Games (Seren Besorak, Pierre Schlömp, Sarah Abouzari)
Genre: FMV, Mystery Adventure, Indie, Female Protagonist, Serious Game
Release date: Summer 2020
Player: Single player
Languages (text + sound): German, English
Platforms: Windows PC, macOS (Steam), Linux + SteamOS
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment

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Meet the makers:

TriTrie Games is an international micro-indie with Cologne/Bonn roots. Together, the three founders combine knowledge, creativity and the demand for high-quality software solutions and digital games. They have been part of the German developer scene for many years and are committed partners of the up-and-coming industry near the Rhine.
They have already worked together on various commercial and scientific projects in the past. Among them are VR installations for museums (M.C. Escher for the Max-Ernst-Museum in Brühl), marketing for award-winning educational games (Antura and the Letters), and winning the “Digility Hackathon” of the Cologne Fair and Audi in 2018. Jessika is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the three developers.
The philosophy of TriTrie Games is to develop sustainable, commercially successful and socially relevant entertainment software. To become a diverse employer that guarantees the unconditional equality of its employees, regardless of their origin, while adhering to European standards and values.