Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black is an intense multiplayer action/strategy platformer for up to eight players with three different paths to victory. Inspired by the esport arcade game, Killer Queen, Killer Queen Black lets you fight for your hive by hopping on the snail, hoarding berries, or wiping out the enemy’s queen. With multiple ways to win and multiple roles to choose from, this indie gem is fun for all and mastered by few. There’s a Killer Queen Black community of new and experienced gamers enjoying hours of competitive fun, so what are you waiting for?

Studio: Liquid Bit/ @LiquidBitGames
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Action
Single player and multiplayer-modes
Release: 10/11/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X), Console (Xbox 360 or Xbox One), Console (WiiU or Switch)

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Meet the Makers:

“We are a group of builders, dreamers, designers, and developers. We make games that bring people together through innovative gameplay and design. We want to challenge you with games that are easy to learn but hard to master. We want to go beyond just a game and deliver a connected experience. We believe that good software should elicit an emotional response. But most of all, we believe that games are just more fun when played together.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Special Selection #gamesWeDLoveOnSight