Kukulcan is a mobile puzzle game where players slip into the role of Kukulcan, the Mayan snake deity. It can drop off parts of its tail to create stairs, bridges, plug fountains and much more. This is a crucial feature to solve the puzzle since only a limited length can be used in each level. Moveable boxes, lava lakes, teleporters and further exciting abilities will challenge the players’ wit and creativity.

Studio: Black Spoon Studios / @black_spoon
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Puzzle
Single Player only
Release: Spring 2021
Platforms: Mobile Phone (iOS), Mobile Phone (Android), Tablet (iOS), Tablet (Android)

Meet the Makers:

“We are Andres, Joëlle and Julia. We studied Game Design together at the Zurich University of the Arts and have now joined forces to develop Kukulcan. After developing multiple other games, Kukulcan is our first project for mobile, and it combines our interest in puzzle games and the ancient Mayan civilization.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Swiss Games Selection