The Circus is one of the most fun experiences a human can attend. Animals and their tamers put on a show that leaves everyone in a euphoric state. When the curtains fall though, a different tone of scream falls into dead ears: Agony of animals break the silence, while they are berated for the small hiccups that happened during the show, or just to fulfill the sadistic nature of certain humans – the reasons became fuzzy after a while.

Two monkeys, part of the circus, have had enough and on one night decide to leave their abusive home for good. They cannot escape the place alone though, they have to work together to succeed. If that would not be enough, the monkeys also have to pay attention to the guards – and sometimes they even have to be smarter than them.

Figure out how to solve physics-based puzzles and work together in order to help the monkeys escape from the circus!

Studio: Börge Scheel, Linus Wigger, Rudolf Varga, and Anıl Yarış
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Short cooperative game
2 players
Release: 26.5.2020
Platforms: Windows

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Meet the Makers:

The game was created by Börge Scheel, Linus Wigger, Rudolf Varga, and Anıl Yarış. It was developed within the Game Programming Laboratory 2020 at ETH Zurich.