Norman’s Night In

Norman’s Night In is a slingshot adventure game that tells the tale of an old man, his bowling ball, and a fateful fall into the world of Cave. Use slingshot mechanics to navigate challenging physics-based platforming, face unfamiliar cave beasties, and discover the unseen world by the light of your new bowling ball. It’s a story of exploration and self-discovery as an unlikely adventurer unfolds the forgotten history of a kingdom passed. Every level of Norman’s Night In is hand-crafted and hand-painted. Upgrade your bowling ball to access new abilities, uncover curiosities, and continue your descent into the metroidvania-inspired interconnected world below.


Studio: Bactrian Games / @BactrianGames
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Adventure
Single Player only
Release: 10/23/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Mobile Phone (iOS), Tablet (iOS)

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Meet the Makers:

“We’re a fully self-funded team of two (1 full time & 1 part-time) and we just launched our first game as a studio, Norman’s Night In, in October of 2019. Along the way, we’ve been nominated for Google Play Indie Game Festival, winner of the 2019 PAX East Indie Showcase, selected for PAX East and West Indie MEGABOOTH, and participated in dozens (hundreds?) of local game dev and IGDA meetups, talks, and playtest nights. Our design philosophy around Norman’s Night In has always been making a mobile game that was a point of entry for those who aren’t mobile gamers and be a refreshing change of pace for those who are. That’s been a driving force behind our development. Since launch, by far the most common feedback we receive, is something to the effect of “I don’t typically like mobile games and/or platformers, but this game is awesome!” It’s the kind of feedback that isn’t actionable or quantitative but makes us proud of our progress. We’re now supporting Norman’s Night In with upcoming free content updates and bug fixes leading to a console release later this year.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Special Selection #ludicExplorations