Nothing in Sight

“Ypres, 1915. World War One is raging in Europe. Four french soldiers have just arrived in Ypres, Belgium. As their leader, you will learn to know them, as they go through tragic events, in an ever-crumbling trench.” Nothing in Sight is a narrative-management game, where you have to take care of four soldiers during WW1. We wanted to emphasize the daily life of soldiers, over the usual depiction of WW1 showing only fights. The game is split between Active Phases : Day & Night & Passive Phases : Awakening and Meal. In the Active Phases, the player assigns his soldiers to workshops focusing on a specific part of the soldiers’ life : Chores (supplies, surveillance & cleaning) or Rest. He needs to balance his soldiers’ assignations between those tasks to maintain his trench in the best possible state and the moral high. Scripted and random events punctuate the gameplay, affecting the trench and the soldiers.

Studio: Nothing in SIght Team / @NothingSight
Country of origin: France
Genre: Narrative-management
Single Player only
Release: 06/30/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows)

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Meet the Makers:

“We are the team behind Nothing in Sight! We made this game as our final year project during our studies in video game development. It was a thrill to be able to build our first game with such control over the subject. We chose to display a less representedvision of the struggle endured by the soldiers during WWI, considering how they are usually depicted only as unbreakable heroes. We wanted to emphasise the harsh life conditions and the survival aspect of war, not the fights. We developed the game using each other’s family stories as foundation. Some elements that can happen to the soldiers in-game are extrapolations of what we know about our ancestors. We hope you will have fun discovering our game story and mechanics!”