Please, touch the Artwork

Please, Touch The Artwork is a calm compelling puzzle game about a person’s attempt to bridge the gap between games and abstract art. Discover the hidden depths of abstract art while fiddling with shapes, lines and colors based on real early 20th century abstract paintings. Witness the complex relationship of a person with modern art. Exhibition one contains 3 mini-games, each based on paintings from Piet Mondrian, an abstract-art pioneer who co-founded the the art-movement ‘The Style’ in 1917 advocating pure abstraction. One game introduces you to the art-movement, while another one focuses on Mondrian’s story before he want abstract. A third game tells its own story, set in the streets of New York in 1944. The game aims to be aesthetic, inspiring & educational. It’s a journey to the origins of modern art. All mini-games are randomly generated on install so in that sense, each player will have its own unique copy of the art-experience.

Studio: Studio Waterzooi / @StudioWaterzooi
Country of origin: Belgium
Genre: Puzzle
Single Player only
Release: 09/01/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (OS X), Mobile Phone (iOS), Mobile Phone (Android), Tablet (iOS), Tablet (Android)

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