Shift is an experimental platform game, that is dealing with the themes of storytelling and interactive experiences. Can I create a coherent line of events, without knowing in advance what will be the player’s choices? Does the gameplay suffers from being forced to drive a plot or a story? Maybe the gameplay itself is the story….

Movement in Shift is a free stroll, where players are unable to affect the content, but only the order of being exposed to it. As they wander, the players are encouraged to seek out the meaning of events, mix narrative sequences together, or simply wander aimlessly.

Developer: Ofer Getz
Country of origin: Israel
Genre: Experimental platform game
Single Player only
Release: 09/19/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (Linux), Desktop Computer (OS X)

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Meet the Maker:

“I’m Ofer. I’ve just graduated with a master’s degree in visual communications from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. I’m an illustrator and designer, interested in creative interactivity. My main project in my studies was an experimental platform game.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Special Selection #ludicExplorations.