Siebenstreich is a hand-drawn, nerd-friendly 2D adventure made with love and free-range pixels. Among other things.

Sustainability in times of magic? Yes, indeed, even fairytale kingdoms have their fair amount of problems and they are totally up to date. Fire-breathing dragons? Cannibalistic witches? Sooooo pre-millennial.
This story starts, as so many good stories do, in a basement. Down there you will meet your fellow pen & paper RPG enthusiasts and join them for an epic game of Dandelions & Donkeys:
Henry, who is playing the character of Trudie, a crafty vegan carnivorous plant, yourself, playing the unlikely hero of the party: An awesomely hip tailor and a GM, whose name is curiously never mentioned.
Your quest: To save the once picturesque kingdom of Mirrormore from an ominous evil.

Immersed in the game within the game, you and Trudie set out on a fantastic road trip through a kingdom in demise. Along the way you’ll meet curious NPCs like a guerilla unicorn, an artistic giant or a woodcutter drag queen. On your search for the source of all evil, you’ll encounter puzzles, fight pollution, deforestation and, ultimately, The Boss. And, of course, skill your character.
During your quest, Trudie, the vegan carnivorous plant, is not only a great crafting aid, she’s also part of an integrated help system providing you with hints if you need them. The GM and even the taciturn Henry arenít far away from the action either.
Make a sandwich, grab your towel and save Mirrormore 21st century style!

Studio: Golden Orb / @goldenorbgames
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Adventure
Single Player only
Release: Q1/2021
Platforms: Desktop Computer, Switch

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Meet the Makers:

Golden Orb is a creative indie studio in the heart of the German Ruhr area. It was founded by us, Katharina Glowka and Sonja Hawranke, in spring 2018.
We develop story-driven games that offer a unique perspective on old tales by wrapping current, ethical topics into fantasy/fairy tale plots for fun yet thought-provoking gaming experiences.
Prior to founding Golden Orb, we worked together for many years at a Cologne based games studio, where we discovered that the two of us together are able to develop games quite well. So in 2018 we founded our own studio, released our first game in self-publishing and won the german Ubisoft Blue Byte Newcomer Award.