The SIMULACRA franchise revolves around a simple premise; how can we best tell meaningful and entertaining stories just through a mobile phone? Our story unfolds through the lens of a mobile phone; players have to actively explore the simulated phone environment to piece the narrative together; and players have the power to affect the direction of the story through the choices they make throughout the game. While the found-phone genre was an obvious inspiration for the SIMULACRA series, we were keen to explore several larger questions, namely; what is our relationship with technology, and how is it shaping the way we live? With SIMULACRA 2, we wanted to explore a more current phenomenon; social media influencers. More specifically, we sought to question the way our perceptions of truth can be manipulated by what we see on social media, and how people’s digital lives can be in stark contrast to their real lives.

Studio: Kaigan Games / @KaiganHQ
Country of origin: Malaysia
Genre: Psychological Horror / Simulator / RPG
Single Player only
Release: 12/12/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Mobile Phone (iOS), Mobile Phone (Android)

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Meet the Makers:

“Kaigan Games is an independent studio from Malaysia driven by the passion for good storytelling in games. Since our inception in 2016, we have consistently crafted unique narrative experiences that have delighted critics and inspired a rabid fanbase from across the globe. Our titles include SIMULACRA 2, SIMULACRA Pipedreams, SIMULACRA and Sara Is Missing, which have garnered multiple industry and fan awards from across the globe. We believe in experimentation, collaboration, and most of all, making stories that resonate and entertain.”