The Longing

THE LONGING is an unusual mix of an adventure and an idle-game. The player controls a Shade, who is told to keep watch of a sleeping King for 400 days until he awakens. The catch: These 400 days start to count down in real-time. The player will be completely on his own, in a giant underground cavern. Do you simply want to wait? Do you want to build a home for yourself? Do you want to find a way out of the cave? Over time, parts of the cave change – moss and mushrooms grow, spiders craft their webs, water is dropping from the ceiling, stalactites break and fall. It’s a game about loneliness, escapism and the eternal search for purpose.


Studio: Studio Seufz / @StudioSeufz
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Idle, Adventure
Single Player only
Release: 03/05/2020
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows), Desktop Computer (Linux), Desktop Computer (OS X)

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Meet the Makers:

“I’m Anselm Pyta, the director of The Longing. The game was my long-time passion project, that was completed over a timespan of 6 years. I got the idea for the game when I was coming across the Barbarossa caves in Germany, where an old legend mentions a story of a sleeping king in the mountain for hundreds of years, and a dwarf at his side with the task of awakening him. Since games are the only entertainment medium that can make excessive use of time to tell stories, I had the idea of combining idle-game and adventure-game mechanics to tell my own version of this legend. I started out completely alone in a cellar of my university, but continued the project steadily and founded the company “Studio Seufz” with my best friends, where the game was completed shortly before the Corona lockdowns on March 5th. It’s a game about loneliness, isolation and longing that strangely now fits in the Zeitgeist, even though it was intended as a complete rejection of it.”