To Be Headed Or Not To Be

To Be Headed Or Not To Be is a two players cooperative only escape game where players incarnate two skeletons that awake in a mansion following a failed experiment. They will have to investigate and explore but especially cooperate and communicate in order to escape the mansion. Being a skeleton comes with the added benefit of being able to remove one’s head and remote control the body, forcing the players to take different points of view on many challenges and enigmas. The game lasts between 3 to 5 hours to be finished and proposes an enjoyable side game to be appreciated during a lazy Sunday or a rainy evening that comes with no strings attached. A “one night stand” of the video game world to slide between your other favourite investment heavy video games.

Studio: Fruits of Yggdrasil / Louis Lettry / @FruitsYggdrasil
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Puzzle
Multiplayer only
Release: 11/22/2019
Platforms: Desktop Computer (Windows)

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Meet the Makers:

“Fruits of Yggdrasil is a young game development studio opened in Nyon Switzerland in August 2019. After five years spent feeding state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with data during a PhD in computer vision at the ETHZ, Louis Lettry, the founder and main developer of Fruits of Yggdrasil, decided on creating a place to produce and develop video game ideas that have been brewing in his mind for a long time. And thus was the studio created with the goal of producing video games with unbridled creativity as its plane and enjoyment as its pilot. In november 2019, this resulted in the release of To Be Headed Or Not To Be, a two players cooperative escape video game.”

This game is part of the Ludicious Swiss Games Selection