Wobblequest is a two-player co-op puzzle cyber-caterpillar-simulator where both players control the same character at the same time. Even though a lot of people think that the main character is a computer-worm, he is actually a caterpillar called Justin who’s dream is to one day be a beautiful and mighty cyber-moth, like his parents once were before they got erased by a system wide planned anti-virus scan. Now he is travelling from PC to PC in his little USB-Stick house to eat your cookies and play other sneaky tricks on you. But don’t worry he won’t harm you.


A cute and fun game for two where both players take control of the same character. Help each other and cooperate to find the best way to collect all the cookies and get to the next level.

Developer: Florian Etgeton / @HotPlasticHull
Country of origin: Switzerland
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Release: TBA
Platforms: PC / Mac

Meet the Maker:

“Hello! I am a student who just finished my bachelor degree through my project “Wobblequest”. I am dynamic, motivated and passionate about video games, computer science and art. Making people laugh with my colorful and funny games is my main motivation.”

BA project, Digital Ideation, HSLU
Year: 2020