What is Ludicious?

LUDICIOUS – Zurich Game Festival is a networking and exchanging platform for small and mid-size game developers/studios, focused on the arts, crafts and the business of game development. Every year, LUDICIOUS scouts for innovative games and developers to showcase as well as for the latest trends in games to bring to the festival. Alongside an exhibition, keynotes, panels and workshops the festival offers a wide range of networking opportunities. At LUDICIOUS international professionals come together in an environment where relationships flourish: both professionally and socially. Our delegates include the most exciting, upcoming international developers, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Ludicious is a B2B oriented event. But our exhibition is open to anyone who is interested in Indie Games.

What’s special about Ludicious?

Ludicious puts the spotlight on small and middle size independent Game Studios. The festival connects Game Developers with Publishers and other game industry professionals, so that the devs can learn from the best and develop their projects and businesses. With the talks, panels and workshops Ludicious contributes to the Swiss and International game community, so that they can grow their network and gain new insights. Ludicious puts a spotlight on the Swiss Game Studios, providing them with a platform to present themselves to international professionals. 

Ludicious X Online Festival 

Due to Covid-19 Ludicious will for the first time take place online as Ludicious X. Ludicious X focuses on quality conversations & connections, providing food for thought, hearts and minds. That way you will not miss out on taking next creative and business steps and can connect to the Ludicious Community while working from home.

What timezone is Ludicious X in?

Ludicious Zurich Game Festival is, as the name already hints, located in Zurich, Switzerland. The timezone in Zurich is the Central European Summer Time (CEST). All time specifications are in CEST. 

Is there an age limit to participate in the festival?

Ludicious focuses on a professional audience of 18+ years. If you’re younger than 18, you can still attend Ludicious, but we recommend you do it accompanied by a person of 18+ years.

What are the opening times?

Since Ludicious X takes place online, the exhibition is accessible 24/7 on our website. All of our programmed sessions take place from 10am to 8pm (CEST). Matchmaking can take place from 8am to 11pm (CEST).

Where can I go, if I have a problem?

If there is something that does not work, reach out to the Ludicious team through the Helpdesk channel on Discord. If you don’t have access to Discord yet, contact us via email.

Where can I report abuse or fraud?

In case there should happen an abuse or fraud, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any team member on Discord (marked pink) or write an e-mail to Nina (nina@ludicious.ch).


Where can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your Ticket on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ludicious-x-tickets-96608421389

What ticket categories are there?

Streaming Ticket (free, registration required)
Conference Ticket (25 Swiss Francs)
Business Ticket (45 Swiss Francs)


Which ticket category gives me access to what?

Depending on the ticket category you choose, you’ll have access to certain platforms and/or channels. We try to guide you as best as possible, but still make sure to be prepared. For this see the following links.

You can visit the Ludicious Website with or without a ticket at any time. On the website you’ll find the exhibition as well as general information, all speaker profiles and the festival schedule.

To get a ticket, visit Eventbrite.

If you buy a Streaming Ticket…

…you’ll have access to our Discord server (selected channels only). You will get a link for joining the Ludicious Server. You need to accept the Code of Conduct first. On Discord you can connect with other attendees or the Ludicious Team. If you want to use Discord on your Desktop or Smartphone make sure to download the Discord App.

…you’ll have access to the link to the festival stream (selected content only).

If you buy a Conference Ticket…

…you’ll have access to our Discord server (see above for more info about Discord).

…you’ll have access to all the festival sessions. The video broadcast system we are using for Meetings and Webinars is Zoom. We recommend you download the  Zoom App before the festival starts.

…you’ll have access to Meet To Match, where you will find the festival schedule and the links to each and every session. You will get your Log-in info as soon as you buy your Conference or Business Ticket. 

If you buy a Business Ticket…

…you’ll have access to all of the above PLUS you’ll be able to schedule matchmaking meetings directly on Meet To Match. Make sure to set up your profile so it’s easier for other attendees to get in touch with you.

Is it possible to upgrade my Ticket during the Festival?

Yes it is! If you are a holder of a Streaming Ticket (free), you need to buy a new Ticket to get an upgrade to whatever category you’d like to upgrade to.

If you’d like to upgrade your Conference Ticket to a Business Ticket, please buy an upgrade via Eventbrite.

When does the Ticket sale end?

The Ticket Sale ends 3th of July 2020 at 7pm (CEST).

Does it all take place on the Ludicious Website?

No, next to the official website, there are other platforms we are using for the Festival. Please check # Which ticket category gives me access to what? for more info.


Which tools are used for Ludicious X? 

– Discord
– Zoom
– Meet To Match (For your private matchmaking meetings via Meet to Match you can choose other tools such as Skype or 8×8. Make sure to list your preference in your profile)
–  YouTube Live Stream

For more info please read «Which ticket category gives me access to what?» further up.


Where can I set up my matchmaking meetings?

You can set up your meetings in Meet to Match, but only if you are a Business Ticket holder. As soon as you buy your Business Ticket, you will get an email from Meet to Match. Log in, create your profile and then you can start to set up meetings. 

On which Social Media Platforms can I find Ludicious?

You can find us on 

Twitter (@LudiciousFest)
Facebook (@LudiciousFestival)
Instagram (ludiciousfest)
LinkedIn (Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival)

Ludicious Awards – what is it and how is it going to happen this year?

Every year Ludicious gives away one award for «Innovation in Games» and one award for «Emerging Talent». This year, we received 200 applications. Our jury then nominated 29 games. If you want to check out the Nominees, go here

The Award Show is going to be held on Wednesday, July 1st 2020 at 7pm (CEST). It will be streamed online, so everyone who is interested can join us. The award show is organized in cooperation with the Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA. SGDA will give away awards too. 

Where do I find the links to the scheduled sessions?

All the links to the sessions can be found in Meet to Match, 30min before the start of each session. 

Are the Sessions recorded?

Yes, all sessions are going to be recorded. Before each session it will be announced and with this Ludicious X makes sure to get the right to use recorded material later on. If you do not want to be seen, please turn off your camera.


Where do I find the exhibition?

You can find the exhibition on the Ludicious website: http://www.ludicious.ch/exhibition-2020/

What games can I see in the exhibition?

You can see all the games that are nominated for a Ludicious Award. Alongside the nominees we also present a few games that caught our eye this year in our «Special Selection» and our «Swiss Showcase». But that’s not all: You can also learn more about this year’s nominees of the SGDA Awards. And last but not least discover games from exhibition partners such as ETH Game Programming Lab, ZHdK, Games Bavaria, games.nrw, HSLU and others. In short: there are more than 70 games for you to discover!

Can I ask the nominees questions about their games?

Yes, you can! Every day from 12am-1pm and 4 – 5pm (CEST) the Ludicious nominees are on Discord to answer your questions and talk about their game. It is possible that not all Nominees will be there at all times. In case you want to talk to one of the Nominees, you can dm them on Discord. 


Who is my point of contact?

If you need more information about the festival, the speakers, the nominees or you would like to do an Interview with any of the speakers, nominees or our Conference Director Tobias Kopka, please contact Fabienne Guldimann (fabienne@ludicious.ch). She will answer your questions and/or connect you to the right person.

I need facts & figures!

Please get in touch with Fabienne (fabienne@ludicious.ch).

Are there any press releases?

Yes, you can find all press releases here.

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