Our competitions are now closed

A huge thank you to everybody who entered their game. We will announce the nominees at the end of November/beginning of December.

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Who and what we’re looking for

We explicitly encourage developers to submit their game even if it’s not in its final version yet, as well as resubmissions of games that weren’t nominated last year but have since been improved. Previously nominated games from the Student Competition are also able to step up to the International Competition!

The International Competition: We want innovative games that explore novel ideas and convince in their execution. It is explicitly aimed at small studios and developers working with equally small budgets. New ideas and approaches in game design, visual style or storytelling are among the criteria.

The Student Competition: the award will be handed out to a game that demonstrates a level of creativity and quality that is exceptional among its peers. In order to be eligible, the majority of the production team must have been enrolled at school or university in this year’s (2016) spring semester.

The SGDA Swiss Game Awards honour projects that have put the Swiss game industry on the radar with innovation in form of novel and disruptive ideas in the digital media sector and follows an inclusive submissions policy

To give some context, why not check out our winners from previous competitions:

Ludicious 2016

Ludicious Award: Prune, by Joel McDonald (US)

Outstanding Talent Award: FAR, by Don Schmocker, Joel Schoch, ZHdK (CH)

Ludicious 2014

Ludicious Award: A Tale of two Worlds, by ENJMIN (FR)

Outstanding Talent Award: Tower Offense, by Robin Bornscheid, Andreas Halter and Dominic Müller, ZHdK, (CH)

Diamond in the Rough Award: Soft Body, by Zeke Virant, NYU Game Center (US)

The Prizes

The winners of the International Competition will take home the coveted Ludicious Award, with a grand prize of 8’000 EUR.

For the Student Competition, the winners will have the Outstanding Talent Award bestowed upon them with an accompaniment of 4’000 EUR.

And finally the SGDA Swiss Game Awards will award its winners prize money and a 1-year SGDA membership.

All entries that make it through to the nominations will be exhibited at Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival 2017, and the developers will be invited to join us as esteemed guests. Why not check out some impressions from last year´s festival to see what you can expect?

As our guest you will have access to the entire conference, where you can attend talks and workshops from industry veterans, with plenty of networking opportunities (and partying) to get to know your peers. We will provide up to two members of your team with accommodation in Zurich near the festival during your stay, to make you feel as welcome as possible.






Call for Entries

Welcome, developers, to the competitions of Switzerland’s biggest game festival!

Follow the link below to reach our submission portal, where you can create an account, upload your game and fill in your details. Read through this page for more information, and for any unanswered questions please see the rules documents at the bottom or email us at competitions@ludicious.ch

Our International Competition (8’000 EUR) and our Student Competition (4’000 EUR) are open until October 2, 2016.

The Competitions

There are two competition categories to enter at Ludicious 2017, the International Competition and the Student Competition. If your team is eligible, you may also opt your submission into the SGDA Swiss Game Awards, which is run by our partner, the Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA).

The deadline for all submissions to be finalized is October 2nd, 23:59 CET, 2016. Submissions will then get checked, nominated, and the winners will be announced at the festival in January.