Computer games benefit from a wide spectrum of technological and scientific innovation. At the same time, games have always inspired new technology. In this afternoon talk session, researchers from different fields will present their work and inspire us with their visions for the future. The focus lies on three main topics: augmented- and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and physics simulation.

Augmented and virtual reality, often considered the next digital revolution, hold unparalleled potential to boost gaming experiences. Novel and creative forms of immersion and interaction are being researched.

In the domain of artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent systems are employed to analyze player behavior and to assist the user when interacting with the computer for creative tasks such as animation and digital storytelling.

Finally, research in physics simulation impacts various domains. On one hand, computational design research fills the gap between casual users and new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing. On the other hand, understanding and simulating mechanical movement and fluids helps to increase visual realism in games and movies.

Join us to learn how these gaming technologies help inspire the future!

A conference curated and hosted by the ETH Game Technology Center in cooperation with Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival.

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Please understand, that the following program is still a draft. Some sessions might change times and new sessions will be added.







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