The conference “Interactive experiences: Crossing boundaries for serious reasons“ will be part of the festival and will take place on Thursday January 26th, 2017, 9 AM to 1:30 PM. It will be curated and hosted by the Subject Area in Game Design of the Zurich University of the Arts in cooperation with Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival. The conference addresses scientists, designers and gamers. It aims to intersect scientific, technological, design-specific, and narrative strategies, which have been described to be the innovation drivers in the field of Serious & Applied Games.

Contacts of the organizers:

Prof. Ulrich Götz | Maike Thies | Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken

From serious to entertaining and vice versa: Blurring boundaries

The application of Serious & Applied Games used to be limited to education, therapy/rehabilitation, and physical training. Today, the boundaries of both serious and entertaining games are blurring. Technological innovations establish new multimodal and multisensorial interactions for bodily, emotional and sensorial experiences.

Current game developments show that entertainment and the conveyance of serious content are not mutually exclusive. Stories with a reason can be found in increasingly more products of the entertainment industry. Vice versa, entertaining methods become driving forces behind the conveyance of knowledge-oriented content. The conference aims to disclose the potentials of combinations and exchange between contemporary positions and technologies which will shape our perception of the human body and mind in Serious & Applied Games.Game Designers, researchers, animators, interaction designers and storytellers will share and discuss their perspectives, methods and approaches on this evolving and boundary-crossing field.

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Please understand, that the following program is still a draft. Some sessions might change times and new sessions will be added.






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