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The Ludicious Business Accelerator is made possible by Engagement Migros

Ludicious is looking for new Swiss game projects to participate in the Ludicious Business Accelerator program, at the Ludicious Festival in January 2018.

During the next festival, which takes place in Zürich from the 18th to 21st January 2018, ten selected projects will be supported to present their work to a range of international business contacts. Proceedings start on the evening of Thursday 18th January, when teams take part in a pitching competition in the Ludicious Exhibition Hall. Later that evening there will be a private networking event where the teams can get to know each other and our international industry guests. On the next day, the teams will participate to the Match-Making module – Engagement Migros’ customized networking program that aims to connect highly qualified creators with international investors/producers/distributors in order to create synergies through which real development opportunities are envisaged.

Over the course of the festival, the ten candidates will have gained invaluable experience and contacts within the international game industry.

Oniroforge at Ludicious Business 2017

Oniroforge at Ludicious Business 2017

Tony Zander, VP, Product & Development at Vectr Ventures attended Ludicious Business as an investor in 2017. Zander has over 20 years experience shipping multiple AAA titles and emerging technologies, with game credits including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Deus Ex 3, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Blur, Tron: Evolution, and Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. Zander made the following comments about the Business Accelerator:

“Ludicious is hands down one of the best conferences I attended in 2017. With the highly organized, curated format I was able to meet not only startups but members of the professional and research community. Many of my initial contacts have developed into longer term cooperations and partnerships. I look forward to their next installation in 2018.”

Tony Zander, VP at Vectr Ventures (left) with Marion Bareil of Tourmaline Studios (middle) and Eric Zimmerman (right)

Tony Zander, VP at Vectr Ventures (left) with Marion Bareil of Tourmaline Studios (middle) and Eric Zimmerman (right)

One of the 2017 participating teams was Blindflug Studios, based in Zürich. Jeremy Spillman, Blindflug’s Lead Developer and Co-Founder said:

“The business accelerator was a great event. Making our pitches in the exhibition hall before we met with industry guests worked extremely well. It meant that our discussions started with the industry representatives already understanding who the teams were and what we had on offer. I found that I was actively sought out by publishers and investors during the business conference track. The Match-Making meetings were quiet and comfortable, so time was very productive.”

Jeremy Spillman of Blindflug Studios presents Airheart at Ludicious Business Accelerator 2017

Jeremy Spillman of Blindflug Studios presents Airheart at Ludicious Business Accelerator 2017

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Are you working on an innovative new game or a new game related technology? Apply now to get accelerated! The deadline for entries is October 20th, 2017.

If you have previously applied to the Business Accelerator program or have already participated in a previous year, please contact us via to be further considered.



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