Conference Program

The Ludicious 2018  game development conference takes place on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, and Saturday 20th January 2018.

Our conference line-up has grown into a beautiful all star-lineup including speakers like: David O Reilly (Everything), Alden Kroll (Valve), Eric Zimmerman (NYU Game Center), Nathalie Pozzi (Nakworks), Antoine Milliez (Industrial Light and Magic), Jason della Rocca (Execution Labs), Kate Edwards (Take-This), Ezra Hanson-White (Outbounds), Chris Bourassa, Trudi Castle & Keir Miron (Red Hook Studios), Lauren Cason (ustwogames), Daniel Dociu (Amazon Game Studios), Jeff Tangsoc (Power Up Audio), Menno van Pelt-Deen (Lapp), Morten Brunbjerg (Writer), Philomena Schwab (Stray Fawn Studios), Ste Curran (One Life Left), and many more!

 Check out the schedule, don´t miss out to join the conversation very soon and book your ticket right away!

General Program info

Holders of a festival pass, business pass, or respective day pass have access to the complete Ludicious conference and Exhibtion. Click here to get your conference ticket.

From Saturday 1pm until Sunday 5pm, the Exhibition hall is open to the general public (Entry fee: 10 CHF). This means that EVERYBODY can enjoy the exciting program in the exhibition hall on Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday.

Download complete Festival Program

Click here to download the complete festival program as a pdf.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Friday, 19 January 2018:


Saturday, 20 January 2018:

Sunday, 21 January 2018:

Sunday is our Ludicious Family-day!  Ludicious Family the family friendly program of the festival. If offers workshops, exhibitions and talks for the whole family. Ludicious Family aims to educate children and opens the subject of game design to the wider public.

The following workshops are offered:

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