A MAZE. Hyper Talks – 10 talks, 5 minutes each – in co-op with Ludicious

31. January 2019
19:30  -  21:00
Stage 2

A MAZE. Hypertalks

Hyper Talks are short and fun 5 minute knowledge-injections. Ten speakers will talk about projects, experiences, failures and sources of inspiration in their work.
The session is co-curated and hosted by Lorenzo Pilia, Programme Manager for A MAZE. / Berlin – International Games and Playful Media Festival, in co-operation with Tobias Kopka from Ludicious.

Confirmed speakers: Alice Ruppert (CH), Asema Hassan (PK), Bertine van Hövell (NL), Charlotte Brocard (CH), Malo Dalmier (FR), Natalie Clayton (UK), Nick Zhang (CN), Philipp Stollenmayer (DE), Tabea Iseli (CH), Aaron Abt (CH)

Nick Zhang: Making a Narrative Vertical Slice
The experience of ideation and prototyping an innovative narrative game.

Bertine van Hövell: What We Create, Matters. A Lot.
Why do we create silly games and other entertainment while there are so many more important jobs out there? Or are we perhaps underestimating our impact?

Tabea Iseli: Identity Crisis: Why We Should be More like Michael Bay
What developers of serious games can learn from the master of explosions.

Malo Dalmier: My Dream Game School
The main thing I learned in game school is that nobody has any idea how to make games. Let’s talk about how you can learn about game making in this context.

Philipp Stollenmayer: Rethinking Context
Games are being presented as a window to a far reality. How can we lower that distance?

Asema Hassan: Inside story: Pakistan Games Industry
Pakistan’s game industry originally emerged in the early 2000s, through initiatives like Fork Particle and Trango Interactive in Islamabad, and Wireframe Interactive in Lahore. Once some of these studios shifted towards an outsourcing/service-based model in hopes of diversifying revenue streams, they went on to create AA/AAA content for publishers such as Eidos Interactive, Sega, THQ, Midway and Sony. With the emergence of Social & Mobile gaming, game development emerged as a viable career path for many aspiring local developers. In mid-2018, IGDA Pakistan Chapter has revived which is the unified platform for all the industry veterans and potential developers.

Natalie Clayton: Ghost Town Regulars
Last year I was told that abandoned spaces were all over my body of work. In this talk, I work out why.

Alice Ruppert: All Horse Games Are Bad and Here’s Why You Should Care About That
A look at how games “for girls” are not taken seriously by publishers, developers and gaming press and how you can fix that by making a good horse game.

Charlotte Brochard: Charlotte Talks About It
Come see what the illustrator, game maker Charlotte wants to share with you, maybe it’s special 🙂

Aaron Abt: Designing game installations that immerse both the player and the spectators
“The Door” was a game installation, exhibited at A MAZE. / Berlin 2018. In this Hyper Talk I will try to explain possible reasons why the game was extremely well received by both players and spectators.