Adapt or Disrupt: Delivering New Experiences That Players Love (and pay for!)

31. January 2019
11:30  -  12:00
Alte Kaserne

Everyone thinks they can make a game; but professional designers understand that creating content which stands out, delights players and delivers revenue is a rare talent.  However, the games market has grown so fast in the last few decades that almost everywhere you look the competition for placement and users makes success far too rare. In this talk Oscar will look back and years of innovation in design and technology to understand the lessons of failure and how you can create content which stands out, delight players and still be commercially successful.

Join This Session to learn:

  • Why Vision Is A Direction Not A Destination
  • How To Design For Where The Audience Is
  • That Innovation Is Not Just About Technology
  • Why Failure is Always An Option – but need not be the end


This session is a part of the summit “Game Technology: Innovative Modes of Game Interaction” , which is co-curated between ETH Game Technology Lab and Ludicious Zürich Game Festival.