Death and Love: Iteration processes in designing game music

1. February 2019
14:00  -  14:30
Alte Kaserne

Ari Pulkkinen, Composer, CEO of AriTunes speaks about creating music from the start of the design process, first demos, and how to craft unique artistic approach until desired style is polished and final.

Examples from Ari’s work from Angry Birds, Nex Machina, Alienation, Resogun will be on the big screen.

This speech is useful for all interested in creating music as an art form, creative leads, producers, designers to audio outsourcers and composers, no degrees needed!

Ari is an award-winning composer and a sound designer with over 16 years of experience in games industry. His work includes many famous games such as Angry Birds, Trine -series, Resogun and Nex Machina, and other AAA, Mobile games. As a music and audio professional, Ari Pulkkinen has gained the deep knowledge and specialized in the field of music and sound design in game industry.