Computational Design and Manufacturing of Physical Characters

26. January 2017
17:00  -  17:20

Fabrication-oriented design has recently gained increasing interest from the computer graphics community, triggered by advances in 3D manufacturing technologies. With modern 3D printing technologies, we can manufacture rigid, articulated, mechanical or deformable characters of almost unbounded complexity at the press of a button, shifting the design complexity towards computation. In this talk, I will first discuss a method to turn asymmetric shapes into stably spinning toy models. I will then talk about a technique that takes virtual articulated characters in the form of skinned meshes, then estimates a fabricatable, jointed model that approximates the 3D kinematics of the original character in a piecewise linear manner. This technique can be understood as a first instance of a “3D print button” for animation software. I will then touch upon an interactive technique to edit the motion of mechanical character in a function-preserving manner and highlight applications in games. Last but not least, I will talk about a method to design and fabricate custom deformable game controllers.