Design your own Mixed Reality Game

3. February 2019
10:00  -  13:00
Voice and Music

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(Delivered in English and German)

Entry Fee: 20 CHF

Workshop Leader: Richard Wetzel,


Mixed Reality Game Cards

Mixed reality games combine digital technology with the physical world in a meaningful way. They allow us to explore our surroundings and create powerful experiences that go beyond “traditional” screen-based video games. Other names for these games are pervasive games, location-based games, augmented reality games, or urban games. In this entertaining workshop you will use prompt cards to help you design your very own mixed reality game. These games offers an amazing range of opportunities for design, but they also come with their own unique challenges. What kind of technologies should you choose?
 How to incorporate locations in the game? This is where the Mixed Reality Game Cards come in!

During the workshop we will use these physical ideation cards to first rapidly generate a variety of game ideas, and then develop one of these ideas further in much more detail. We will work in groups, and the cards enable all group members no matter their background or level of expertise to actively contribute to the design!
At the end of the workshop, each group will have created the design for a unique mixed reality game (or experience) – just waiting to be implemented.

No previous knowledge required – the more diverse the workshop participants are, the better!

This workshop is aimed at:
All aspiring game designers & programmers
Experienced game developers who want to experiment game genre
Cultural workers who want to expand their toolset
Teachers who want to try new didactic tools
Anyone who wants to design their own game!