Being a Game Designer: Principles for a Thoughtful Practice

28. January 2017
10:00  -  11:00

Most talks on games focus on how to make a better product – a more successful game. This session frames what game designers do in a different way. I want to ask the question: How can being a game designer help shape our lives?

Apart from the problems and challenges of designing particular games, what are the attitudes and approaches of game design that can connect us more deeply to what we do on a daily basis? For example, practitioners of Parkour see it not just as a series of techniques for jumping over walls, but as an attitude that can permeate every moment of a someone’s life. Could we take a similar approach to game design? Is it possible to think about game design as a way or mode of being?

The talk is structured as a series of ‘principles.’ The principles help describe games as a cultural form, and they also describe game design as a creative practice. The principles are drawn from Eric’s experience as a designer, player, and teacher and are meant to express how being a game designer can be meaningful for our  lives both inside and outside of games.