How to distribute an Indie Game: Lessons from The Lion’s Song

1. February 2019
11:30  -  12:00
Alte Kaserne

Martin will talk about the distribution of The Lion’s Song, an episodic indie title released (so far) on Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), iOS, Android, GOG, Humble,, Hype, Nintendo Switch & Hatch.

The Lion’s Song is the first title Mi’pu’mi Games devised, developed, produced, distributed, marketed all on its own – the first own IP the studio successfully brought to market. Even though the team has a long industry track record, completely owning the complete life cycle of a game is an entirely different story. Martin will openly speak about the initial distribution strategy, including the timing for all platforms, Mi’pu’mi’s failure to see this strategy through, and how the studio made a successful turnaround. Mi’pu’mi struggled with the initial release schedule and had to revisit development & distribution plans to successfully publish The Lion’s Song on various platforms.

Martin will share with you the experience releasing an indie game on various platforms to an ever-changing market today. He will detail the pitfalls of multiplatform development and how you can succeed by observing, but also changing your strategy during the production cycle.