Finissage-Evening: Live Sounds & Visuals, Performance, New Local Multiplayer Games, Esports Finale, Bar & Music by DJ Philip Kühn

2. February 2019
18:00  -  00:00
Stage 2


Join us as we have our last party together for this year’s edition. Grab a drink, relax and play some games. We are bringing in some extra multiplayers, curated by our local partner Criss Cross Game Nights.

Also check out the 60 indie-games on display in the Ludicious expo till Saturday, 2.2. closing at 10pm
Watch amazing Demoscene-Screenings or Live-Sound and Visuals and check out the Swiss Made Games League Esports Finals!

Tickets for the whole expo and evening events are 20 CHF, everybody with a Ludicious Ticket is of course in for free!