1. February 2019
09:30  -  18:00
Voice & Music


MeetToMatch takes place onsite at the Ludicious Festival. Opening times are:

09:30 – 18:00, Friday February 1st 2019

Some of the companies registered at MeetToMatch for Ludicious 2019:

Invite dozens of potential business partners via MeetToMatch to 30 minute, face-to-face meetings. After your invited partner confirms the meeting, your personal agenda is updated with a table number at the meeting venue. Research, prepare and meet via this useful platform to make sure you make the most of the business opportunities at Ludicious.

See full list of attendees here.


PASSIVE: Holders of a conference pass can receive meeting invitations, but cannot send invitations.

ACTIVE: Holders of a business pass can search the MeettoMatch directory, message other users, and send meeting requests.

Soon after you purchase a Business Pass or a Conference Pass, you will receive access to the online meeting manager. In order to send out meeting requests to other people in the system, you will need a Business pass upgrade with your ticket. Did you already buy a ticket, and would like to upgrade? Please contact

Technical query or having trouble logging in to MeettoMatch? Please email